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Seriatim, which is Latin for “in a series,” is a New York-based company that provides organization and inventory management solutions for businesses and individuals in transition. We specialize in creating a detailed processes and workflows that create harmony, and help prioritize your needs in a simple and productive manner.

Since 1999 our team of professional organizers, led by Sonya Weisshappel, have specialized in creating harmony amidst a variety of transitions, including the birth of a child, death of a loved one, an overseas move, corporate merger, office relocation, and every other life event that can create stress and disorganization. We understand how difficult transitions and organization can be; our mission is to serve as your support system through the many stages of these processes. Whether we're implementing a digital inventory, assisting with mergers, creating baby “zones” for new moms, assisting a widow, unpacking a five-bedroom home, or coordinating a cross country or local move, we help people move forward in a supported, positive direction. Seriatim can handle any project — big or small — with the expertise, sensitivity and professionalism necessary to get the job done.



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Let's Meet

We get to know you by phone so we can understand your needs, concerns, and project goals.

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Consultation Appointment

We make an appointment for you to meet Sonya in person at your home or office space. A $300 non-refundable consultation fee is due upon her arrival; this fee is credited to your first Seriatim invoice should you choose to proceed with our services.

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On-site Consultation

You'll love meeting our team. We're warm, friendly, and non-judgmental. We are organizing gurus. We'll look at your space, listen to your concerns, answer your questions, and maybe even take a few pictures (if that's OK). We love hearing clients' stories and learning about their lives, so don't be shy! Also, there's no need to tidy up: We have seen every kind of space imaginable, and we'll be able to give you a more accurate price estimate if you show us inside your closets, drawers, and nooks & crannies.


Estimate Presentation

Sonya and her project coordinator will create an estimate presentation that is tailored to your specific needs. This estimate will include a price, plus tax, and a calendar of events. You will receive this document via e-mail, and we'll follow up with you by phone and/or e-mail. You'll have plenty of opportunities to ask questions, clarify issues, and request alterations before Sonya and her team prepare a formal agreement that requires your signature. The Estimate Presentation is the tool we use to determine which Seriatim services fit your project goals at the price that is most comfortable for you.

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Engagement Agreement

The EA is a formal document that requires your signature as well as Sonya's. We share this document via Adobe EchoSign, which is a secure e-signature service. If you'd prefer not to use EchoSign, we're happy to receive your signed copy in the form of a PDF document or by fax.

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Four-Hour Sessions

After you sign the engagement agreement, you may begin working with your project manager ASAP. A Seriatim project coordinator will help you set everything up, but please remember that all Seriatim sessions must be a minimum of four hours.

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You will receive a weekly invoice that is payable by Credit Card or Check.


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+ How are you different from a moving company?

Seriatim is not a moving company. But working directly with movers is a regular and necessary part of what we do. Whereas movers pack and lift boxes, Seriatim oversees this process, ensuring our clients' furniture and household goods are both packed safely and placed in their proper settings at the new location.

+ Will you work with our moving company?

Yes, Seriatim has worked with several different national and local moving companies, and will work with the mover of your choice. We can also make recommendations if one has not been selected yet.

+ Are you insured?

Seriatim is fully bonded and insured. We provide coverage against losses up to the point at which the movers begin to pack, and from the point at which we begin unpacking.

+ Can we hire you for just one phase of the relocation process?

Yes, we customize our services to meet clients' needs, even when it means accomplishing just one task, such as organizing the kitchen or creating a storage inventory.

+ My client has rare art, how would you handle that?

First, we would contact the insurance carrier and let them know about the upcoming move. Then, we would acquire photographs of the valuables and create a digital inventory. Lastly, we would hire a mover who specializes in art to wrap and crate the pieces, and transport them to their new location.

+ Why do I need a professional organizer?

The team of professional organizers, led by decluttering guru Sonya Weisshappel, specializes in easing a variety of transitions, ranging from the birth of a child and an overseas move to the death of a loved one. Seriatim’s crew understands how difficult transitions and organization can be. They serve as a support system through the many stages of the process. Whether they are organizing a closet, building digital inventories, creating baby “zones” for new moms, assisting a widow, unpacking a 5 bedroom home, or coordinating a cross country or local move, they help people move forward in a positive direction. Seriatim’s organizers can tackle any project — big or small — with the expertise, sensitivity and professionalism necessary to get the job done.

+ Who are your creative and professional partnerships?

We partner with some incredible organizations — please check out Our Partnerships, right below the FAQ section. For more information on how to become a Partner, fill out the form on our Contact page.


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