Digital Inventory

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[fade]this service creates A digital, sharable, printable document of everything that you or your business owns — perfect for CPAs, financial planners, property insurance brokers, or family and estate attorneys. The service includes:[/fade]



[fade]Digital Inventory

We create a document of your valuables, including photographs, measurements (when applicable), categories, and values.[/fade]



[fade]Photography & Dimensions

We digitally photograph all valuable items, measuring furniture and artwork.[/fade]




We cross-reference photographs with receipts, and your own replacement-value assessments.[/fade]


[fade]With Seriatim’s Digital Inventory service, you have a single, detailed, shareable documentation of your assets that can be searched or updated at any time.[/fade]


View a Sample Inventory 

[fade]Interested in our Digital Inventory service?[/fade]

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