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Sonya Weisshappel began her professional life as an assistant executive producer of television commercials, an interior designer, and a world traveler. Through these experiences, she learned how organization increases one's freedom and productivity. Sonya put that knowledge to use when she began working as a professional organizer in 1994. Over the next few years, she sharpened her skills and fostered the desire to create her own business. In 1999, Seriatim, Inc. was born, and Sonya was able to channel her passion for easing people through difficult life transitions into a business. Over the years she has nurtured her gift for giving by practicing daily compassion for her clients’ life stories and bringing harmony and wellness into their living spaces.

She grew moving consistently on account of her father's employment with the US Air Force. She moved nine times before landing in New York City, where her family lived in temporary housing while their new apartment underwent renovation. Shortly after the move into the renovated home, her father became terminally ill and passed away. She was only 13 years old.

Sonya's family is made up of people whose professional careers involve the physical space in which people live, thrive and heal. She has an aunt in architecture and interior design, and another in geriatric nursing; her uncle was a commercial real estate broker, while her mother, Joyce, is a residential real estate broker with the Corcoran Group. Her childhood memories are filled with unpacking the family into new homes, caring for her father and others, and working with her aunt and mother as a helper in hotel installations.

Still, the events surrounding her move to New York City as a child was the catalyst for the eventual creation of Seriatim—the stress surrounding the physical move, facing temporary housing and the logistics of a renovation, dealing with the emotional consequences of a family member's job transfer, becoming a caregiver for a parent, and the loss of a parent at a young age. Seriatim is here to provide support to people facing similar life changes. Sonya believes one must have support: no one should ever have to face a life transition alone. Sonya embraces her life as a multitasking wife, mom, stepmom, daughter, and business owner. Through this ever-changing landscape of professional and personal life, she has grown to treasure items that were her father's, his parents’, her mother’s, and now her children’s--objects that carry stories that craft our lives.

As an only child, she considers her crew an important part of my family. They are a group of compassionate, skilled and patient professionals whose positive presence leaves clients feeling calm and prepared for the next phase of life, and she is grateful for that.

Clients repeatedly say that Seriatim transforms their lives during a stressful life transition. They also comment that the personal attention, high level of expertise, care for their project and their belongings, and extraordinary sensitivity to their emotions is what brings them to call on and refer their friends to Seriatim. Clients describe hiring Seriatim as a well-planned decision.