Q&A with the President of Armour Villa

At Seriatim, we aim to bring harmony into your life, business and home -- but we don’t always do it alone. Sometimes, we get to bring in the assistance of our talented partners to complete or complement the project. In this series of blogs, we’ll introduce you to our valued partners, one by one, so you can get to know their work as well as we do.

Third in this series we feature Stephen Wagner, President of Armour Villa, a neighborhood association maintaining and restoring homes established in 1889.


How Did You Get Here?

I started my career during college working in the production department of a major ballet company based in Philadelphia. Later, I managed national tours and fund raising for other companies and then came to NYC to open an off-broadway theatre with some friends. I produced and managed a series of touring theatrical shows, industrial launch events, and promotional films for the cruise lines. In the nineties I launched signature lifestyle marketing platforms for companies including American Express, Visa and Pepsi as well as creating a destination music and lifestyle festival for the island of Bermuda. I retired in 2012, but still advise CEO’s on executive leadership and building loyalty. 

What are you working on, innovating, creating, or passionate about right now?

I am trying to bring together a range of resources to serve the elder population in a way that is both turn key and easy to access, and generally affordable to people from different economic backgrounds.

Tell us about your experience working with Seriatim.

I was settling an estate for a friend and Sonya and her team came to the rescue and made a very complex task seem very straightforward and organized. They were able to fully inventory and value all estate property, store, and disperse it to beneficiaries as requested and then streamline closing out the estate as part of probate. I would not hesitate to recommend them. I also referred them to one of my neighbors who was going through a divorce. The care and compassion they demonstrated was exceptional and gave my friend the peace of mind she needed at a very difficult time.

What’s your favorite object?

I have a piece of art that I commissioned that features a group of indigenous jazz artists performing together for a music festival I produced.

Photo credit: https://www.liveauctioneers.com/item/62577917_bermuda-jazzscape-robert-d-bassett-art-print

Photo credit: https://www.liveauctioneers.com/item/62577917_bermuda-jazzscape-robert-d-bassett-art-print

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