Q&A with New York's Little Elves

At Seriatim, we aim to bring harmony into your life, business and home - but we don’t always do it alone. Sometimes, we need to bring in the assistance our talented partners to complete or complement the project. In this new series of blogs, we’ll introduce you to our valued partners, one by one, so you can get to know their work as well as we do.

First in this series is Sabrina Fierman, Vice President of New York's Little Elves. We interviewed Sabrina to learn her story and understand how she works with the Seriatim team.


How did you get here?

"Before joining New York’s Little Elves in 2002, I had a career in tourism; however, after the events of September 11th, that industry grew quiet for some time. It was in the mid-90s that my mother started the company and after a decade, the business was booming. Going into business with Mom turned the Elves into a family business, which further strengthened our promise and delivery of professional and quality cleaning services. What’s more, my background in art, architecture, and events complemented our service portfolio so immediately I was very comfortable with our client base. In 2010, I became the Vice President and we’ve been growing ever since."

What are you working on, innovating, creating, or passionate about right now?

"Professionally, I'm bringing New York Little Elves into the 21st century, introducing new software to streamline our operations and improve company communication.

Personally, I'm passionate about "clean eating," mostly through a plant-based diet. This change is coming at a good time because in making extra food, I give it to my friend who is currently going through radiation and chemotherapy.  Helping her makes me feel even better about cooking and eating healthily."

How did you first meet Sonya?

"Sonya and I met through our shared business advisor."

Have you worked with Seriatim before? Tell us about your experience.

"Seriatim has great clients. We have always been happy working on their projects. These projects tend to be larger and require more coordination, but everyone -  including their clients - seem very positive, engaged and intelligent."

How does inventory factor into or impact your daily work?

"The inventory we deal with is mainly cleaning products, so we just make sure to always have what we need on hand."

What's the one thing you wish everyone knew about your field/profession?

"People need to tread lightly when it comes to cleaning their homes, as using very strong products can do more damage than good.

Most cleaning people, the Elves included, work hard and care about their work just as any other professional trade. Oftentimes, quality and thorough cleaning takes more time than people are willing to give, but that’s one of .the many reasons why the Elves succeed in making clients happy -  we take time to do it well."

What's your favorite object?

"Years back, I bought a hand-carved teak wood elephant head in Thailand for my father.  It is very life like and detailed, so much so that you can see the veins in his ears. The elephant was given back to me after my father’s passing, and I really treasure it."

New York’s Little Elves has been a trusted partner of ours for years. To learn more about the Elves or hire their cleaning services, visit http://nyelves.com/ or follow them on social @NewYorksLittleElves (Facebook) and @NYsLittleElves (Instagram and Twitter)

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