Q&A with Campus Canopies

At Seriatim, we aim to bring harmony into your life, business and home - but we don’t always do it alone. Sometimes, we get to bring in the assistance of our talented partners to complete or complement the project. In this series of blogs, we’ll introduce you to our valued partners, one by one, so you can get to know their work as well as we do.

Second in this series we feature Debra Williams, founder and CEO of Campus Canopies, a woman-owned startup business in Baltimore, MD. 


How did you get here?

I created the first Campus Canopies for my daughters when they went to boarding school and college. They loved the product. Their roommates and friends all wanted one, and I realized my idea could become a business. The Campus Canopies product is designed to transform dorm room living. It is the first freestanding structure with designer curtain panels for the college dorm room bed.

What are you working on, innovating, creating, or passionate about right now?

I’m passionate about helping college students. My product is designed to create a living space within a dorm room that gives students privacy, and the ability to sleep well and study better in their dorm rooms.

How did you first meet Sonya?

I met Sonya through her husband Pete Christy and my longtime friend Shelly Tupper in New York.

How does inventory factor into or impact your daily work?

I am constantly fulfilling orders that come into my website and through Follett Corporation, which manages 1,200 college stores. Campus Canopies is a Follett drop ship vendor.

What's the one thing you wish everyone knew about your field/profession?

We are living in a digital age. It's really hard to unplug from our electronic devices and get back to basics. This is a bigger problem for college students than for any other generation. It's fair to say college living is in crisis right now. I am trying to make a difference with Campus Canopies, which helps students organize their environment and control their living space.

What's your favorite object?

My bed, my bike, and my watch.

Campus Canopies is a trusted partner of Seriatim. To learn more about Campus Canopies or to buy the product, visit www.campuscanopies.com or follow them on social media at @CampusCanopies (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram).

Matthew Callahan