Seriatim’s Virtual Organizing Services offer ongoing, collaborative, real-time conversation and coaching to customers anywhere in the world. All you need is a Skype or voice connection. An experienced team member will work with you one-on-one to discuss your needs and devise a customized plan to organize and bring harmony to any space, whether it’s a closet, a kitchen cabinet, a desk, or an entire home or business — no space is too small or too large!

Please note: Your first Virtual Coaching & Therapy Session requires a deposit by credit card.

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Life and Loss

Although I was originally skeptical about what 'organizers' would do to help, my skepticism disappeared after I saw how Seriatim's sorting, organizing, working closely with the movers and, especially, unpacking, allowed us to not only move, but 'move in,' faster than we could have believed. I lost my Mom before we were fully unpacked and settled. Although not previously scheduled, Seriatim arranged for a number of staff to drop everything and help us at night and over a weekend to put everything in order so that the apartment would look good when friends and family came to pay their condolences. Many people remarked that they could not believe we were only in the apartment for a week, saying it looked like we had been in for a year! Thanks again for making a difficult time that much easier.

David H., Accountant, New York, NY

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