Since 1999,

we’ve made it our business to help people with their biggest life transitions. As New York City’s leading team of professional organizers, we have provided services to hundreds of different clients, from New York to California, including Fortune 500 Execs, single mothers, senior citizens, real estate brokers, attorneys, financial advisors, interior designers, architects — you name it.

Sonya's Mobility Project

Since 1999, Ms. Weisshappel founded Seriatim, Inc., with the objective to bring her clients harmony and wellness within their home and office spaces. Her team of experts offer a wide range of services, including de-clutter, paper and photo management, and digital inventory, to customers in the tri-state area. In January 2013, Seriatim was awarded...


Seriatim people know their stuff

Seriatim made us feel easy and relaxed in very difficult periods of our lives. They weren’t drill sergeants – they sensed how best to work with each of us. Seriatim people know their stuff – where you can take things to, specialists to contact, what is worth keeping, what is not and all sorts of details you would never think of and they guide you gently and knowledgeably through the process. Their contacts in the field are excellent.

Patricia G., Greensboro, N.C.

We Manage Life's Transitions & Relocations

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